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MaKeyla (MK)

From t
he quaint, southern seaside town called Bjarred, Sweden, comes the beautiful young songstress named MaKeyla. The only child of a banker and a designer, MaKeyla had her sights set on superstardom from an early age.


After graduating, she enrolled to the prestigious Lund Dance and Musical Academy. There she began to develop her skills and hone her craft.


Her vocal skills and stage presence gained her an invite to sing in the six month, Swedish rendition of Les Miserable at the famed Malmo Opera House. 


Next, MaKeyla came into the presence of famed vocal coach Kishti Tomita who took the budding songbird under her wing and became her mentor. Their relationship spawned an appearance on Swedish Idol, where in an unprecedented move, MaKeyla was one of only 4 artists selected to go straight to the finals without having to audition


Calls began pouring in requesting her vocal services. So in 2015 she made her way abroad to Toronto to work with super-producer Snaz. MaKeyla and Snaz made 2 songs together for her first full-length release. Still gathering material for her album, she then journeyed to San Diego in 2016 to collaborate with Grammy award winning writer Solomon Ridge.


Later that year, with her project nearly half complete, the talented starlet walked into an L.A. recording studio where she met legendary Hip-hop icon MC JUICE. The two of them clicked instantly and are currently writing songs for a coming album. 



“Love the life you live - Live the life you love”                                                                                  //  MaKeyla

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